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Natural Moyen Poodle Puppy for Sale:
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Name: Mandy's puppies Available Female Puppy
Mandy's Moyen poodle female
Microchip:  HomeAgain Friendchip
Type: Natural Moyen Poodle
Gender: 2 males, 1 females
Color:  Dark Red
Date of Birth: November 8th
Date Available: January 9th (@ 9 weeks)
Health: 3-year warranty
Dad: Rufus (26 pounds)
Mom: Mandy (28 pounds)
Price: $2400 ($300 rebate available)
Shipping: available $375
Puppy Description
Watch video below
Mandy's puppies will be friendly puppies with a trainable, people focused type of temperament.  Their curly, hypo-allergenic, non-shedding coats are a gorgeous red color.   Expected adult size will be 25-30 pounds.  They would be the best choice for a family that has dog allergies.  All of Mandy's puppies are a gorgeous, dark red color.  In the direct sunlight, they look like a shiny new penny, in the shade, a deep mahogany color.  This rare, hard to find color is our favorite!

As Natural Poodles, Mandy's puppies are genetically purebred Moyen poodles.  By their Doodle grooming and leaving their tails intact they have the appearance of an F1B Goldendoodle with the same people-loving, social temperament. 

Mandy is shown at the bottom of this page (her name is written on her photo).  You can expect her puppies to be similar in appearance as adults (although most from this litter will be darker in color than she is). The puppy photos shown to the top right are of Mandy's current litter (the only females is on the far right).  The photos shown to the bottom of the page are of Mandy's prior puppies as is the video clip.  So the "older" looking puppies are already living with their new families and are not available.

Current Availability: one female shown at the top right of this page (she is the far right puppy in the group photo below)

If you would like learn about our process for reserving and choosing a puppy see the bottom of this page.  If you would like to go ahead and reserve one of Mandy's Moyen Poodle puppies, please fill out our online application or email.

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Moyen Poodle male
Both of these Males are Reserved
moyen poodle male

mandy's moyen poodle puppies




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